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 History of Manali

Is just like a fairy tale that is steeped more in fairy story. The existence of Manali can be traced back to the tradition of Mahabharata. The name 'Manali' literally means the Abode of Manu. When Manu and other Gods were flooded, they were saved by the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu by towering high to dry lands.

Manali is the place where Manu found harbor. Back in the 17th century, Raja Jagat Singh bring the idol of lord Raghunathji to his throne and till now, he is the presiding deity and king of Manali. The bright tales and saga of the mythological existence of Manali remain in the popular trust and heart of the innocent citizens of the Manali hills. However, modern day Manali history began its trip, more precisely, with the coming of the British. They made this good-looking land their choice for staying during the summer months.

They bring forth the apple orchards and trout fishing to Manali that largely shaped the economy of this place. it was the british people settling here, which developed Manali as a tourist destination. The recent history of Manali was stained during the seventies and eighties with the nurturing of marijuana that attracted the improvement of a hippie culture that was looked down by the conventional tourists. however, with the rise of turmoil in the Kashmir valley, the tourists started returning to Manali as the landscape and enormous good looks of the two places match each other.

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